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all natural bath and beauty products

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I absolutely love these skin care products! Thank you so much Morgan and Masons for making an incredible product line. I have been using this for 2 months and my skin feels smooth and looks so much healthier! The best thing about this though is that it's the only skin care I've been able to use this long and not had any issues. Usually, I have to change brands every week or 2 because my face starts breaking out or turning red...sensitive skin issues. I have tried so many other brands, spent so much money, and end up not even being able to use the stuff, til now! This stuff is awesome! Thanks again Morgan and Masons!

Heather W., Tolar, Texas

They have amazing products. The skin slick is amazing!! I use it everyday and hardly get breakouts anymore!! It also doubles as an eye makeup remover.
Ashley Van Winkle, Krum, Texas
I absolutely love the products I've used! Love the lotion pods!! It feels amazing on my skin all day!
Robin A.,Tolar, Texas
Purchased the Skin Slick and Grit set along with the Milk barn creamy bar soap and Bee butter, only used it twice so far but cannot believe how soft my skin was after the first use! Great stuff!!
Jana S.,Bluff Dale, Texas
The loofah soap is absolutely a favorite! I am very excited about the expanded product line, including deodorant. An all natural deodorant without aluminum is only offered by two manufacturers, so I am excited to have another option!

Melissa R., Granbury, Texas

Wonderful products from a wonderful company!!! I love everything I have tried and my skin feel so soft❤️
Traci H., Granbury, Texas
I absolutely love the Skin Grit and Skin Slick and use them as my go to face cleanser. I have also began using the Skin Slick on skin imperfections such as scars. It has helped tremendously!
Christa H., Tolar, Texas
The Bee Butter is my personal favorite! My mom has chemo once a week and suffers from very dry itchy skin as a result of the treatments. She has been using the Milk Barn soap and the results have been amazing. Thank you so much!
Cheryl N., Tolar, Texas
Love love love the creamy bar soap! Milk Barn and Just Peachy smell amazing and leave skin soft and clean.
Michelle B., Tolar, Texas
Love all your products but cannot live without your skin slick & skin grit! Use these facial products, love, love!
Karen B., Granbury, Texas

I love these products. My skin has never looked or felt this wonderful! The skin slick is the perfect makeup remover, and the bee butter works great on my son's itchy skin spots.

Brittney S., Granbury, Texas

These products are all amazing. The bar soap is superior to every product on the market. My favorite is mint-to-be.
Trisha B., Tolar,Texas
I'm in love with the milk barn soap! Smells divine, and leaves my skin smooth and soft!

Julie J., Granbury, Texas

Just made a purchase! I love your products!

Autumn A., Tolar, Texas

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