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all natural bath and beauty products

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If you read our 'ABOUT US', it is clear that we do not sell essential oils for a living, but we definitely use them.  Essential oils made their debut in the Morgan household a few years ago, and there is no going back. They have changed the way we maintain wellness; the way we clean ourselves and our home; our supplement/vitamin regimen; and of course the quality of the things we make. We have never publically promoted a product or company, but this really isn't about a product or company; rather, this about wellness. If you're not using oils, do yourself a favor and start using them now! Eventually, I will make a few of my favorite (can't even live without) oils available for purchase through our site, but that's really not the smarter way to purchase (TBH).

If you're serious about making the leap into the world of essential oils, you should probably go ahead and sign up with a provider, either as a retail customer or a member.


There are a couple of big name companies from which you can purchase essential oils through, but when it comes to quality you just cannot find better than Young Living. Young Living is the company that we use to meet all of our essential oil needs. Retail customer vs. distributor - In my opinion, it would be pretty crazy to sign up as only a retail customer, because you are going to spend 24% more than members, but if it is something you're not quite sure you want to commit  to, this may be the option for you. Members do not have to spend a certain amount, but do enjoy the 24% off each product. It's just whatever works for you, if you're interested. I am no salesperson, so I am going to direct you to the source to explore the topic further.

PURCHASE OILS DIRECTLY FROM YOUNG LIVING. If you are interested in ONLY purchasing from Young Living. You may visit the online catalog and shop online.

SIGN UP AS A DISTRIBUTOR OF YOUNG LIVING OILS. (If you are interested in selling Young Living essential oils, or you would like to purchase the oils at 24% off of retail (You'll have to click 'Member').