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Morgan & Masons

100% natural ingredients. Pretty.Simple.

Morgan - That's us (pictured) - Brad and Lindsay Morgan...we're married, and we have managed to stay married and work with each other for more than a decade. For years, we both taught in the same school district. Later, we both became principals (in the same district)...and that's where we are at currently in our station in life. Brad is a high school principal and Lindsay is a junior high principal; both working in arguably the best little rural school in Texas. So...we work together A LOT! Coincidentally, we both share relatively the same schedule which has allowed us to get very creative and make the most of our time at home (usually in the kitchen).

Masons - We live in a very old house, that we have both loved since our first tour (more than a decade ago). It's the only home we have owned, and probably the only one we will ever own. Lindsay has always loved antiques (specifically junk...specifically junk containers and jars), and has collected many things  over the years that match the vintage look of the old house. Of these collections, she has a particular affection for mason jars. We have Atlas, Ball, Kerr, etc. in every color ever made...ever. When we began making things, it was non-negotiable that the items would be gracefully and appropriately packaged in none other than mason jars (leather included...everything in mason jars).

We began making items for ourselves and our family, and then began creating products as gifts. We have enjoyed it so much and believe that we have come up with some truly original items. We do not import (although we hear that can be a crazy profitable gig); rather, all of our items are handmade from raw ingredients/materials - here in the U.S.  Similarly, we are NOT a large manufacturer of goods, and do not hope to be. Everything we make is made in small batches (each batch original); the leather items are handmade one-by-one with basic primitive tools; no two are the same. We do not keep a huge inventory in stock, but definitely try to stay ahead of the game. If you order something from us, we will not keep you waiting, and can complete custom orders within the same week.

We are an authorized Amazon Brand (woohoo - so thrilled about this). Our products are sold in small shops, Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest, and of course on our very own site. If you would like to carry our products at your place, please contact us and we will work up a wholesale deal for you. We are VERY interested in helping out charitable organizations, and would be happy to donate to a good cause (you'll have to email us with the scoop, of course).

We are oh-so-happy that you've stopped by our site, and we cannot wait to send you your very own jar of goodness.

On a huge, blessing, wonderful side note: we are the proud parents of three awesome kids (Brandt, Bryan, and Caroline). We also "parent" a sweet black lab (Calli), one crazy calico (Miss Kitty), 2 goats (David and Betty), and 6 unnamed hens. Just a little inside info for those that are curious.